Paperglee takes a holistic approach to publications.

We do more than make pretty pages—we can help bring a publication at any stage to life.
Whether you have an edited document, photos, print specifications, and established brand standards, or none of the above, Paperglee will make a final product you'll be thrilled with.

copy editing

We will catch errors in your content that will save you embarrassment—and reprint costs. It makes us happy to help you look trustworthy and respectable to all stakeholders and audience members.


We have twelve years of experience developing beautiful, functional documents with new graphics and within established brands. This means that you can trust us with the big picture and all the details that will make your new publication sing. 

print management

Strong connections with top-notch and budget-friendly printers in Denver and around the country allow us to make sure your publication makes you smile upon delivery.

Welcoming to All


Paperglee worked with this fledgling church plant in Castle Rock, CO, to create an identity that made clear their status as a congregation that welcomes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. The main inspiration for the shapes in the logo was an art piece in its sanctuary made of reclaimed wood in the form of a cross.




Miata Infographic

Paperglee was hired to create this infographic which—while it ended up going unused—was so cool we just had to share. Tl;dr: Don't lend your Miata to anyone ;) 

Creating a united look


Solomon Page was looking for help fleshing out the materials under their newborn rebrand. Paperglee has stepped in with typography recommendations, layout for multiple document types, and proofreading many pieces. We look forward to doing more to ensure this New York City staffing agency looks as world-class as it is. 

CRN Booth
who do you know brochure
human resources event invitation card

Information design and generous white space


This piece helps to communicate what The Colorado Health Foundation did with its grant money. White space, a limited color palette, and elegant typography.

Work completed while employed at Anabliss Brand Strategy.



Kid-friendly but not childish


Josh Allan Dykstra, Company Culture Specialist, contacted Paperglee to lay out an instruction booklet for his Dynamizer, a learning activity for people over 11 that is coming out soon. We introduced some new elements to this fledgling brand, coordinated with the printer to ensure a fabulous product, and learned a lot about personal strengths in the process! 



dynamizer instructions

Sophisticated and friendly


The International School of Denver approached Paperglee to create a package of materials for their upcoming International Bash, a fair hosted at the school that draws people from all over town. Paperglee created a fun, kid-friendly (but not juvenile) look that they can use for years to come.



international bash poster + postcard